Reading word document

I have a two word document of 50 pages, my job is to compare the page by page, Para by para in a page. text inside the word document pages might be in tabular format or like a paragraph.

How to compare page by page text in two different word document. When I am using the word activity I am getting the complete text of the word file using read text activity inside the word application scope.
I have to compare page by page as the document may contain pages up to 200.
any help is appreciated.

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please use the same in a loop and inside the loop compare string variables with if condition.
Loop for 200 pages and it will verify very fast.

We can not store data from all the pages in a one variable, Is there a way to fetch only the data of let say first page than how can we do that. as I am not seeing any activity for the same.

Sharing a workaround, which seems working as per my requirement may work for others if they have such requirement.
Since we can not extract page by page text from word document, we can convert the word to using convert to pdf and than can get extract text from converted pdf file page by page.

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