Reading the excel sheet and filter the values by a parameter?


“Read Excel.xlsx and filter the values by employee city (manual input). Also, Count the resulting rows.”

What exactly am i suppose to do in this case?

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*Use readrange and assign output to datatable
*use input dialog and enter your value to compare
*Use assign activity,Write linq query to compare name=’ “+input dialog value+” ')
*use rows .count for resulting rows

Hey @sreekanth,

Can you please send me the xaml for the same?

I am having some issues.

What’s your issue?can you provide more details?

I am getting some syntax error.
Selection of the filter is making an issue,

Getting problems in your 3rd step.

I understand it is not a big deal and can be sorted out pretty easily.

Please send the xaml file if possible.

sample.xaml (6.5 KB)

hai sreekanth,
i have a doubt on this topic,where in the input dialog i have to select the multiple inputs and i used filter data table for extracting the columns i needed,how can i give the multiple inputs and their condition what shall i give? thank you