Reading text from Browser alert box (firefox only)

Hi, I have a requirement where I forced to use FireFox. The issue that I’m facing now is to read the content of FIreFox alert message. This will be a dynamic message and I want to capture the transaction ID from the alert message. Any possible solutions??

hi @manu
have you tried using get Attribute or Get Text Activity

Ashwin. S


As @AshwinS2 said use “Get Text” or “Get full text” Activity.

Get Text or Get full text will not work as expected with Firefox alert messages. That’s the issue I’m facing. The selector is unable to detect the Alert message in FireFox.
Note: Reading text from alert message is fine and working perfect with Explorer. But that gave me a hard time with FireFox :frowning:

Its not working with FireFox alerts

Does anyone found a way to get the text from browser alert in Firefoxm. Please suggest how I can overcome this issue in firefox?



I’m facing the exact same problem, did you find a solution?

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Hi there mates,

I faced the same situation and managed to pass the assignment 2 by getting the complete firefox web browser window text (this includes the alert text too) and then extracting the needed part.

There were used two activities:

  1. Get Full Text activity where I used the firefox window containing the alert box as selector. This gave me a string with a length of 618 chars as result (this length is gonna be diferent in every end).
  2. An Assign activity where I get the required chars using the substring method to the previous full text capture. This is actually the required upload id.

And only two vars:

  1. RawText (Output of the get full text activity)
  2. UploadId (The result of RawText.Substring(546,32).ToString)

Remember the 546 and 32 number depend on yours full text string length.

This is how the UploadId looks in a message box.

Hope you find it useful!

I get the same problem at my end. Have you got rid of that? If Yes, Please help me!