Reading PDF with Read PDF and Read PDF with OCR

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I have a scenario were i need to read PDF and extract the data, that PDF may be editable or non editable(using Read PDF with OCR), iam able to extract data from both format, i had created a Workflow for both,if it is editable PDF i will go to yes condition and extract data and if it is non-editable it will go to NO side and extract the data.
Currently iam passing the PDF by my own and doing operation but i want My bot to identify if it is normal PDF or non Editable PDF and i should take decision on its own to go to YES or NO side.

How can i achieve this plz can anyone provide your feedback.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @vikram.g1

You can try this idea, i am not sure whether it works

Like try to read the pdf using Read PDF Activity and store the output in a string variable str_out

No use if condition to check whether str_out is empty or not

i think for pdf (like scanned or images), even i tried with the read pdf activity it may give empty results

so if the str_out is empty, then use Read PDF with OCR to read the pdf

Just try with the above logic


Nived N

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