Reading OTP from Mobile Text message

Hi Everyone…

Is there any possibility to read OTP from Text message.
As I want to login to website, each time it asks for an OTP Otp will get into only Mobile not into Mail.
Can anyone please help me out…

Thank you…!!!

Hi, have you checked these topics?

There are several possibilities

  • Send code by email
  • Twilio (payed service). There is a UiPath activity for that
  • API access with authorization (i would prefer this one).

i have used an usb dongle on linux before, from which i was able to read sms messages. But i haven’t tested that (yet) in combination with UiPath.

If API is not possible i would probably go for a payed service.

Hi @jvanmarion

Thank you for ur reply…I have checked every topic, even i too created a topic before… Still i am finding for solution & ideas…!!!

Go through the below link for handling OTP from Text messages:

Is this mobile app support on iPhone user?