Read OTP Message via Android

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How to Read the OTP message in android phone by using UiPath Studio and Type in web application. I tried in Twilio package itsn’t working.


Getting OTPs from emails is more reliable and easier than trying to access them from a mobile device on your computer. You can use UiPath’s “Get Outlook Mail” or “Get Exchange Mail” activities to read the OTPs from your email and automatically use them on webpages. This way, you don’t have to deal with complex mobile integration, making the process simpler and more dependable.


I can able to receive that OTP message by Mobile Phone only.

You might want to look at some other custom tools and code snippets to see if they do what you need

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Is there any you tube video or I need to all packages in market place.

try Messages for web this link and go to the your Google Messages and Scan and Pick the OTP from there,


It came like link and how can I sign in with the link or how can I pair the device.


Is there any solution for read OTP message from UiPath

What kind of OTP is it? SMS or TOTP (like Google/Microsoft Authenticator)?

Its came like SMS notification in android phone

I’d first investigate with the application team if it’s possible to turn off 2FA completely for the robot account. If that’s not possible, check if it’s possible to use a time based otp (TOTP) instead, because that can be generated programmatically on the robot machine (for example with this component).

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How can I configure my number with this tool