Reading large excel file

I am getting this error “RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352”

I am trying to read a very large excel file and store the data as a data table variable. The file is about 250,000 rows of data. It could be more sometimes, or slightly less. The read range activity works fine when I make the file smaller by deleting some data but does not work with the full data set.

I do NOT have excel installed on the machine the bot will run from so I need a solution that doesn’t require excel installation.

The file is not corrupted as I get the same error when I copy the info into a new excel file. Because it works when the file is smaller I am thinking it is due to the size of the file. I have only seen solutions (application scope, and excel as database) that require excel to be installed.

Does anyone have an idea for this?

Why not just install Excel?

The bot is running on a server and we are not allowed to install applications on the server.


please this solution i provided

if any issues please let me know

You have server admins, right? They can install Excel, yes? I mean, it’s a required application for the automation.

Hi @kasey.betts ,

If your client refuses to install Excel, then you could try connecting to it like it were a Database.

You have to install the UiPath.Database.Activites for that, and here is a tutorial on that, starting from the 14:22 mark onwards →

I hope you find it resourceful.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K