Reading file from svn server

I need to read files that present on svn server(TortiseSVN installed in my system) by the url that i have, is it possible to read file contains directly from uipath?
thanks in advance.


Hey @amit.chaudhary

Are you downloading the files into your local repository from svn so that files are available in your local drive as well? And you can directly read it from there?

Ir are you trying to get the details without downloading?

Currently i am trying to read details directly by providing address, but when i am using directory.getfolder() and passing path of that folder it is giving error saying file path format is not supported.

Have you tried using below


Yes, file path format is not supported error i am getting.

Can you show a screenshot on how you configured it?

I hope we don’t have activities available to connect to SVN directly. You can clone them into the local through the connectivities we have in the tools and then get the folders. May be there is an option but I’m not sure

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