Reading column data count as 1 if the empty row is there


i am using excel to read the excel file column name called “Ind”. it has 0 rows except column name but i am seeing the count as 1 instead of 0.

the same login is applied on other column but here not working…

@anilkumar.vegi Can you share the workbook screenshot?

@anilkumar.vegi Can you check the value which it is returning. It should be empty I think

no it is not returning empty …
it is returning column name “Ind”

@anilkumar.vegi So it is counting a column name as a row because we don’t have Add headers checkbox in read column

in that case column D also returns 5 count but showing 4 only. i copy pasted the same activity

@anilkumar.vegi As I can see you have only 4 rows in D Column

sorry image