Read Range Activity - Without any datarow output count returns count as 1

I have a excel with only one Column without any row. I have checked the Add Headers property. But it returns the count as 1. If i give more than one column it returns the count as 0. I am using 2019.4.1 version. Anyone can help me to figure out this problem. Attached the screenshot.ReadExcelIssue.pdf (169.6 KB)


If you are sure that headers are always in that file, then read range with unchecked “add headers” and then check if there is more than 1 row, if so then you have any data stored in your file :slight_smile:

@rado - I would like to know is this the bug from UIPath. I i have more than 1 columns it returns 0 count.


Tested and for me it works correct, no matter how many columns i have, if there is no data beneath then row count is equal to 0. Studio 2018.4.6 - with latest packages

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Hmm this is really strange
Are we using EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE and then passing the input file followed by that reading the excel with READ RANGE activity

If there is not records count should be 0 amen it would give 0 for sure

Kindly recreate the same process again within excel application scope and try once

Cheers @rado

@Palaniyappan - Checked in both Activities. Same problem in Excel Application scope and Workbook Read Range.

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Kindly share your xaml with the sample excel file pls if possible
Cheers @Ilayaraja