Reading Checkbox checked /unchecked in Editable PDF

Hi All,

I was trying to get whether the check box is selected or not in editable pdf.

we can see the attribute text to check whether its selected or not , but even though the checkbox is selected some times we are getting the attribute value as unchecked in ui explorer.

attached screen shot for reference. some times the attribute is displaying correctly.

Hi @jag67,

Don’t take the whole area, just take the area where you have tick around the circle and check what is it you are getting.

If you are receiving correct output, use get attribute activity and use checked parameter.

Hi @anil5 ,

thanks for reply

i am selecting the checkbox only ,but the attribute value is not consistent .

HI @jag67,

If selector is not consistent, you have to use image exists and then based on the output click on that checkbox

Hi @anil5

Thanks for replying

i am new to uipath , i just used find image tag but as per my understanding if we use this ,then PDF must me opened/scrolled to that particular section where radio buttons are available .

we want to read the entire pdf is that possible by using find image tag ?

Please let me know is my understanding is wrong.

Yes, if you are using image then the pdf should be opened and scrolled.

Can you provide your pdf if possible?

Hi @anil5,

sorry I cant share the pdf. is there any other way of doing this?


Try Different OCR Engines??

like Abbyy, Rossum etc

Hi @kantheshm! I have a similar issue and would like some advice on the matter from you. Might be too long to post here. Anyway I can contact you personally?