Read Checkbox from PDF using GetText

How to read the checkbox value from PDF (the pdf is not an image):


Note: I don’t want to use OCR (Find image) because it will be time consuming.

Hey @hijazi
please try the workflow given in this topic. It might help you


Hello, I tried this but it didn’t work.

Wot error you’re getting?

First, the PDF is not image, so I can use get text activity without the need for OCR. Second, I didn’t get how this workflow is identifying the checkboxes inside the PDF

Hey, you can try this way.
Scrap the portion where you have checkbox. see the below screenshot.

Here in this image, i’ve scrapped the second row, in which the start is checked. Other two checkbox are left unchecked. While checking the scrapped data, we can see there’s considerable difference between checked and unchecked. [There’s nothing before the start and before the stop and verify, you can see a special character being scrapped].
So i hope we can understand which all are checked and unchecked by this. Hope this will work. Please try.

Krishna C