Reading a particular word within the subject line of outlook email

In my workflow I need to look for a starting word within the subject line of the email from outlook.If the subject line starts with that particular word only then the BOT will extract the subject line and will split…could anyone guide me a bit…I tried but its not running


  1. Use Get Outlook mail message and it will give you output as List (MailMessages)

  2. Iterate this list using For each

    forEach item in MailMessage
    If item.subject.StartsWith("Requiredword")
    Then Proceed 
    Else Ignore

Try this regex code in assign activity


it will read the all the sentence after SpecificWord

Thanks. I tried it but it did not helped me
The first starting word in my case is [KtrIus]: and then onwards. so would it be like
I tried the same but it did not worked

It worked…my mistake…Thanks a lot

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Will try this as well …


Please mark mine as solution and close this thread. It will help to others also.

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