Read xml of a webpage

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is it possible for uipath to read a webpage’s source (xml) and then to parse it to search for certain keyword?

For example, uipath needs to read the page source of “”, and then parse the xml to pick certain keyword.

Usually you can deserialize xml with uipath, check below post

But Webpage source will give HTML tags not xml i believe

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@kelvinyeo24 Here is an example. I am extracting data from an XML file and storing it in an excel sheet.
Main.xaml (11.0 KB)

ksrinu070184, MartianxSpace - thanks for your guidance.

ksrinu070184 is right that Webpage source will give HTML tags. In that case, does UiPath.Web.Activities.DeserializeXml still work for HTML webpage?

MartianxSpace - the link is broken. am unable to open/download the main.xaml.

@kelvinyeo24Main.xaml (11.0 KB)
Reuploaded it. Please check and confirm.

Hi MartianX, i can download your xaml now, thanks.

A quick question, the target webpage is using SSO. As such, i received an error “Assign: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.”.

So how should i build the xaml to allow it to work with the SSO webpage?

@kelvinyeo24 If the target website provides API key then you pass it in your header.

Hi MartianX, i am still learning Uipath, so i dont really understood by “If the target website provides API key then you pass it in your header.”

appreciate if you could elaborate alittle or point me to the right doc for better reading

@kelvinyeo24 Webpage source is not in XML.