Read word documentt

I am trying to read the word docx but I am getting correct text in it, getting invalid result.
I used read text file, any other way to read the word document

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Can you explain a bit :slight_smile:

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The word document consist of nearly 20 lines in it…
This the result I am getting

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Read text activity will work actually
I wonder why it shows like this
Instead of writing it to message box use write text file activity where mention the file path of the .txt file and mention the input string to be written
Does that word document have any special or other language characters

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Sweety_Girl

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Actually I stored the mail template in the word document
After string format, I need to make that as mail body.

Just I checked whether the get text file is working correctly!! But not

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I hope this would be the reason
May I why we do that and what is been done kindly elaborate a bit more on it

Cheers @Sweety_Girl

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Stored the email template in the word docx file… Then the result is applied in string format for values and the string is send as email body…

I am getting the word docx data wrong

If there is any with this problem yet, the main problem is because your content has double quotes inside your text. So as you are reading and save it as string there is the error. So, one solution is replace in the original content double quotes with single quotes, and when you want to print or use this content you can replace with the original like: myStringCopied.Replace("’", “”"") and that’s all.