Read the content of the PDF file without Headers and Footer

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I am reading a PDF file using Read PDF Text activity and storing the value in a string variable. But the activity also reads the header and footer of the PDF. Is there any way to read the whole PDF while ignoring the Header and Footer ones?

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READ PDF activity will read all those details included in the string output variable
–but after that we can remove those headers and footer with string manipulation method
like if we have header like “the document is confidential” then if we get the string output with a variable named str_input
then the expression be like this in the assign activity
str_input.= str_input.Replace.ToString(“yourheader”,"").Replace.ToString(“yourfooter”,"")


If I have a PDF like the one attached. When I read the PDF, page number and the header come in the same line. How to dynamically remove these (also the month can vary).
Please help me with this :slight_smile:inotuzumab-psd-05-2019.pdf (789.8 KB)