Read Text for Large Word Document

Hello, I need to read all contents inside a word document to check whether a particular word is inside the document. I tried to use Read Text in the Word App Integration but it does not read the whole file (If I’m not wrong it reads 255 character?).

May I know how I can get around this problem to read the entire file and not be affected by the character limit? Thank you

Hello @J0shua , Welcome to the forums!

I just ran a quick test on a Word Doc in Studio, and it came back with this result.

And I looked at the Stats on the Word doc used in this example above and it shows that the document contains 3067 characters with spaces and 84 paragraphs. The sum total of these two numbers is 3151 which is pretty close to the 3152 characters output above.


Is the 255 character limit a presumption?