Read text file: one or more errors occured in orchestrator logs

Hi there ,

I get an error (Read text file :One or more errors occurred ) while trying to run the process from Assistant which is in another machine
In my machine it works fine from anywhere assistant
Can anyone tell me what are the possible reasons?

@dhouha.cherif ,
Could you please share the location where the text file has been kept?

If the text file is present inside the project folder then you have to give the file path only from the project file
eg: If text file is stored inside data folder in project folder
you just need to give file path as “Data/SampleText.txt” , dont give the path as “C:/Users/username/documents/uipath/project/data/sampleText.txt”

Also Please check if the text file is present in the robot machine in the same location given code

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I changed the path and It worked
Thank you

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