Read specified cell value from multiple excels and sum all values and then append in consolidated file. is it possible through UIpath?

I have few excel files and all files have same sheets name but values inside sheets are different.
I want to read specific cell from all excel files and sumup them and then append that total value in other excel which is consolidated file

Can you pls help me…is it possible through Uipath
If yes can anyone pls provide me process

Yes of course it is possible:

  1. Get all excel files from the directory

  2. Read each excel file the cell you are interested in

  3. Sum it up and write into your excel output file

You can do this, learn more from:

Am stuck at 3rd condition(Sum up values) could you please help me on that

Excel 1 Details

Excel 2 details

I want to sum the values of respective each cell separately where the value is exists

Ex:- Stability Index ( 70 = 50+20)
Intial Phase (50+10 = 60)

Iwill add those values in original (which is consolidated file) (58.9 KB)

Can u pls help on dis

You can do it. Just take the values from the other sheets/cells and assign to variables and sum them up then write it back:
variableA = Sheet1Cell1
variableB = Sheet2Cell1

variableC = variableA + variableB

then write variableC to your final cell