Read range of excel rows with skipping rows

Hello, I am using the excel activity to read and include the content inside the datatable, my problem is that from row A1 to row A11 it has a strange format, with combined columns, and the data that I need with excel logical format is from row A11 How can I omit it?

Hello, @Kuro Kindly share some sample inputs it will help us to provide better solution for you.

If you need to Read from range A11
Use read range activity and Set Range “A11”

HI @Kuro

You want to omit column A1 to A11?

if Yes give A12 in the cell of Read range


I attach the excel, the problem is that from row a1 to a10 the format is different, and when generating a datatable it takes me a strange format that I cannot handle
prueba.xlsx (19.7 KB)

Hey @Kuro please try this workflow
Main.xaml (5.3 KB)
instead of specifying the range try to empty the range tab


Sreejith S S