Read range issue


I have some excel files which consists of only header. I am reading an excel file from cell “A2” with Add Header unchecked and the result is showing column0 ,column1… But for some files it is showing only column1.

What can be the issue?

hi @kkumar

Since you are reading from A2 cell that’s why it is showing as Column1 , Column 2.

For few excel showing only column 1 , what i am suspectiong that , there could be single column in Excel sheet.
It would be better if you can put a screenshot of that excel.


There are multiple columns and are same for all the files.
Please find the screenshot of the same.

Hi @kkumar

If i am not wrong , i believe you are provinding only “A2” in the range filed .
When you will provide only "A2 " you will always get column 1 as output in write range table.


Thanks @md.ahtesham. I have checked Add header and removed A2 from range and it’s working fine.

But I am still not sure why It was showing column1 only for some files and for some column0,column1…so on, when I was not using add header and with range A2.

There could be couple of reasons.

I have faced such . But this is all because of Excel header.(like if excel is desined from cell other than A1, Value present which is not under a header, etc.)

But since you unblocked , enjoy automation…