Read Range in Flowchart

Hello all,

I am currently working in FlowChart and read in a datatable and run through it row by row, this works.
Now I am faced with the challenge of wanting to read out the respective cell, this works with the activity Read Cell. To do this, I have set the row number from the counter after the column letter.

Is there another way to read out the range, for example via Assign row.Item(“Column header”).ToString similar to the for each activity and include the variable for the row instead of always using the Read Cell activity?

Hi @NHoe

Please try


Index is your counter variable


Hi @NHoe

Use Can Try with For each Row in datable and Use Currentrow("YourColumnname).toString


in this case i would like to select the date
but the thing is i am unable to select the dropdown

i try this but i get a error

@NHoe is ziele variable a integer?


@pravin_calvin Thanks for the tip, however I do not want to use a for each activity in the flowchart as the classic sense does not make sense to me.

yes, thats ist a integer


Please try,


Or if your project is based on c# try below,


And also what is the error you are getting, it’s not in english so couldn’t understand it.


i try this Dt.Rows(index)(“columname”).tostring and get the Massage Assign: There is no row at position 2. but in this datatable is a value


Is your datatable variable name is dt?

If yes can you confirm its row count by using a message box and the syntax dt.rows.count.tostring


Yes, the number of rows from inputDT.rows.count.tostring is 98


May I know what is the syntax used in assign?



ZeilenCount as integer
Test as String
Zeile as integer

@NHoe is the error occurs first time itself or is there after some iterations and also if you can share your workflow and input file (delete all the important information in it before upload)


Yes, gladly, I customise the workflow and make it available right away

@prasath_S here
Main.xaml (19.8 KB)

Thanks will look into it.

Made some adjustments, please check
Main (1).xaml (18.9 KB) and let know if anything is required.


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If you want one specific cell value on a datatable then use the below expression in a assign activity

Stroutput = Dt.Rows(rowindex)(columnindex).ToString

Where stroutput is a string variable

Dt is your datatable
rowindex and column index both starts with 0 for first row and first column

Here instead of column Index you can also mention column name like this

Stroutput = Dt.Rows(rowindex)(“ColumnName”).ToString


If you want each cell value of a particular column one by one then use the below steps to get them

  1. Use a assign activity like this

counter = 0

Where counter is a int32 variable

  1. Then use a while loop activity and mention the condition like this

Counter > dt.Rows.Count

  1. Inside the loop use a assign activity like this

stroutput = dt.Rows(counter)(“column name”).ToString

  1. Inside the same use a assign activity like this

counter = counter +1

This will assign each cell value of a column one by one to the stroutput variable

Cheers @NHoe

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