Read range error?

Read range error as below.

My file have big size (300K row)

Please guide me for solve it.

Hi @fairymemay ,

Since its a large file, could you try using the Excel Application Scope instead?

If that doesn’t work, then try passing in “A1” into the Range Field and see if that works.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

@ashwin.ashok I try using Excel Application Scope for read A1 but show error same.

@fairymemay kindly use excel as a database, that could be helpful

@Sanjit_Pal I don’t understand.

Use activity database right?

kindly refer this worflow (18.0 KB)

@Sanjit_Pal I can’t program Database in my com.

Can you any another solution?

Can you try converting or saving your excel to an CSV file then using the read csv file, it should work and in less time


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before use kill process and kill excel and remove everything from range

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