Read range error excel sheet

using different file name means your syntax is “Extract”+now.tostring(“MMddyyyyHHmmss”)+“.xlsx”
here the name of the file your are saving should be different or the name file will not be present earlier
the syntax gives unique file name so that the there is no problem

So where I have to change in my flow

Place it in the path of write range activity

Same error occurred

Can you show us the properties of Read Range, where it is failing?

Creating again n again files

Hi @suraj_gaikwad

I see that you haven’t given any filePath in the excel application scope?
and just recheck the sheet name in your excel file whether its “Sheet1” or "Sheet 1 " or some other variant.

PLACE the excel file which you want to read in excel application scope

Yes but there is creating multiple file

In the write range since you have entered “Extract”+Now.toString(“MMddyyyyhhmmss”)+“.xlsx”

Due to this it’s creating multiple files.

We aren’t able to understand what are you trying to achieve here.
Can you share your workflow?

You want mutiple files to be created or one file to be created as your using below extraction it will create multiple files

I actually trying to read excel sheet and open the url which available in Excel sheet


Uploading: IMG20230530123435.jpg…
Uploading: IMG20230530123441.jpg…
Uploading: IMG20230530123454.jpg…
Uploading: IMG20230530123501.jpg…
Uploading: IMG20230530123504.jpg…