Read range and Write in Excel


I am looping through each Excel row, check if a folder exists then write “Yes” into “Existence” column. And then if Existence is a “Yes” then I count the number of the files and write all the files name of the folder into “File name” column

My problem is that for the second activity, UiPath is not reading the Existence column’s value at all. For example, if “Existence” is “No”, it will still try to count the number of the files even if the folder does not exist, leading to an error. What possibly might have led to this? Please let me know what you think. Thank you :slight_smile:

@upnewbie in if condition use row(“Existence”).ToString = “Yes” or try using write line activity to check the value Existence values … you will be getting better idea.

Thank you. I have figured out that I have to read range again after writing the cell. This has been fixed now :slight_smile: