Read Range Activity Specifying Cells Dynamically

Book.xlsx (7.9 KB)

I have a work book with 3 columns. How can i specify range dynamically sooo as to read row 3 and row 4 leaving row 2 which has result (C2).

@Tapiwa You won’t be able to specify such range while reading the excel/csv. Rather, you will have to do manipulation.

Read the excel file.
Use filter activity to remove the unwanted rows.
Write the new datatable in a different excel.

Please find attached example workflow.

Main.xaml (5.3 KB)

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Thanks @Sugumar8785. Let me test the solution

@Tapiwa Please test the same. If it worked, please mark it as solution.


Mate, try this:-

  1. Read Range (Book.xlsx) → dtNew

  2. For each row in (dtNew)

  3. if (row(2)<>"") then… (perform your operations… )

Above approach works fine as per my understanding.

Mark as solution if it helped you.

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