Read PDF with OCR from Ui Path PDF Activities where do I get OCR Engines?

I want to use the Read PDF wtih OCR from the UI-PathPDF Activities package.

Where do I get a OCR Engine ? Do I need to install more packages or do I need third party software?

Use case is to read the first pages of PDFs to get the company name from the logo and check against the company name in the excelfile.

Thank you!

Hi @Nils_Berns
you can use the ocr in the below list

u can get it by searching by ocr

You can use free ocr like tesseract ocr, Microsoft ocr etc,

Nived N
Happy Automation

Can you point me to the place where I need to klick.

This should work with Studio. In StudioX I only get results that come from the installed packages for the project.

Can u search for OCR in activity Search panel ?

thats the results I get

Are there some extra packages I need ?

It worked now. I loaded the programm in Studio, drag droped the OCR, saved the project and then loaded the project in StudioX.

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