Missing PDF Activity in UI Interface

Hi, I am new to UI. I am not able to find the PDF Activities in UI. Can someone please help me?

In the Activities tab, there’s a button that says Packages. Check that out. You probably don’t have the PDF package installed.


Hi Clayton - I have ALL packages installed and I see the Microsoft, Google, and Abbyy OCR under Engines in the Activities panel. However, if I try to select text using OCR, in the screen scraping wizard window, I only have Google OCR in the dropdown at the upper right. What must we do to get Microsoft OCR and Abbyy OCR to show up in the wizard?


Try searching in all Activities for OCR, and Abbyy and Microsoft should show up. However, Abbyy requires a subscription I believe. Google OCR does work ok though if you get the scale set right.

If the PDF is text-based like you can highlight the text then do a search for PDF and find Read Text from PDF… That will eliminate all the pains that come from OCR. However, if the PDF is large, it might take a long time.

I’m not that familiar with getting them to show in the wizard.

Anyway, hope that helps a little. Thanks.

thanks a lot. It worked !!

Hello all,
I’m unable to use pdf activities and message box…even after they are installed

can anyone help me with that.


Do you have the last Studio version installed? Have you tried restarting the Studio?

Hello Ovi,
I have 2017 version installed in my machine and 2016 version is not installed, yeah I restarted studio.Thank you for you support. Is there another way to fix this.

Hm… as I suggested in another post: Please check in %localappdata%\UiPath\Activities(for CE) folder if you have the UiPath.PDF.Activities.1.0.6479.13204 folder. If you can’t find the previous path, try with %ProgramData%\UiPath\Activities(for Trial).

yeah in activities it is showing pdf activities 1.0… folder.

Delete that folder and install the package again. And click on the Refresh button in Activities pane afterwards:

same thing happening