Read only Unread Exchange emails (top 1)

I have used Outlook to obtain the top 1 unread email successfully, however I am required to use the GetExchangeMailMessages activity.

My automation obtains the first unread email message if it is the top 1. If the first unread email is the second in the list, it is not read, despite having the following set in the options:

MarkAsRead - checked
OnlyUnreadMessages - checked
Top - 1

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buddy as you have mentioned top1, it will see only the first mail in the list buddy
try to put more than 1 and try buddy
your condition looks good but change the top property alone buddy

Cheers @intersimi


As you have mentioned Top 1 , it will read only the top 1st email. You can keep that as blank or you can mention higher number.

post reading you can iterating using For activity and then break out of it . or use Mailmessage(Index) i.e is Mailmessage(0) to get the first unread email.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

were you able to read buddy @intersimi

Hi, I am facing exactly this issue in my automation. I can leave the Top property blank. However, it means the bot grabs all the mails, since I have multiple bots accessing the same mailbox I want each bot to get only 1 unread mail.

Please help.