Get Exchange Mail Message read just 1 unread mail



How can we use Get Exchange Mail Message activity to read only the first unread mail at a time? I only want to pick up the first unread mail, mark it as read, continue with the automation.
The next time it should pick up the first unread mail.



In properties of Get Exchange Mail Messages,

Set the value of Top to 1

Check the Mark as Read option

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Hey, thanks.
I tried the same step but it was always picking the topmost mail. For example, if there are 2 unread mails at position 1 and 2. It will pick the first one,mark it as read and the next time it wont pick anything as the first mail is not unread.


@prajeeth1992, In that case use get exchange mail message activity with Onlyunreadmessage checked and output it to List(of MailMessage)

Then follow this approach,

Dominic :slight_smile: