Read Multiple PDF Files and write in excel


I need to read 5 pdf files(pdf will open in browser) and take some values and need to write that in excel.

I tried this but file name must be in double quotes.

Can someone help me.


Hi @sharu_priya

To read 5 PDF files and extract values from them, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Use the Read PDF Text activity to extract the text from each PDF file. You can use a loop to iterate through all the files in a folder, or specify each file path individually.

  2. Use string manipulation functions, such as “Substring” or “Split,” to extract the desired values from the text. You may need to experiment with these functions to find the best way to extract the values, depending on the structure of the PDF files.

  3. Store the extracted values in a DataTable or a List<>, depending on your needs.

  4. Use the “Write Range” activity to write the values to an Excel file. You can specify the worksheet and the range where you want to write the values.

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in the for loop properties change the type argument to string

then use file in the read pdf text input

better first change file to something else like pdffile as it might conflict with the file keyword

Hope this helps


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