Read/Get CSV from SP - best way to achieve

I’m looking to pull data from a CSV hosted in a SP doc lib. I’ve searched the forum and found various methods and links to custom activity packages. I’m very new to UIPath so appreciate tips on how best to connect to SP and achieve this.

Buddy @Andrew_Callaghan, the best way is to get the file from SharePoint and then process it separately as it would avoid unnecessary errors.

To connect to SharePoint, you can install the UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities package. You can search for it via the manage packages menu. It has a lot of activities.

Kindly check it out and let me know if you are facing any issues!



hey! thanks - i’ll give this a try

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Did that work buddy @Andrew_Callaghan?

Hi. The package has installed and i’ve managed to successfully test the sharepoint connection but I can’t find any activities that will download the csv.

I’m looking to download the latest dated CSV in a document library. Is that possible? If not is possible to make it download a file from a doc library where the name and therefore URL will change frequently?

I’m using get-file on the url of the csv. I’ve copied the URL up to ‘.csv’ - there are some characters after this but pasting what I’ve copied in brings up the file without issue. Unfortunately I get error 404 in UIPath when I run this.

I achieved this by invoking a powershell script instead

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