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I need help in reading all the footers in a word document. I have about 100 pages in this document.

I need to read the footers to get the text and the page numbers so that I can extract some specific pages out and read it.

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Hello, @Sairam_RPA - Here’s an easy way to accomplish that with a package from Marketplace: Easy Word Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

It can read header/footer data. You just need to add it using the Package Manager.

I tried that but it does not work.


I beleive read text activity in the word activities ahould be able to get the header and footer values as well…did you happen to try the same

Package - UiPath.word.activities


I only need the footer’s not the entire text. I have to scan about 100 - 500 pages. So scanning the footer first and then only reading that specific page would be helpful for my use case.


Then you can first read the inital few pges to get the first page number from there evrything will be sequencial so…the page numbers can be calculated

I did not understand what you are saying. You mean I have to read every page in a sequential order ?


May I know how are you planning to read only specific page from the word document?


I was able to solve the issue.

I read the table of contents section and read the page numbers from there.

Converted the word to pdf and extracted those page out.

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