Read file location from Excel?

Hello, I am trying to open an Excel file, read in the rows and move a file from one column to the destination in another column. My problem is that a portion of the file name will change daily. And you can not read in a wildcard into the copy function, or I get an illegal character error. This is what I have so far:

And this is the .csv that I am using:

How else can I get this to work without using a wildcard?

@Dustin - Looks like you have more files in the folder with the name of test and your goal is to move all the files with the name test right???

If yes, then you have to do this differently…

You have to read that cell, pass the below two values to the Directory.getfiles statement which will fetch all the files , and then you for each loop to move the files to the destination…


@prasath17, Thank you for looking.
There will be more rows in the .csv file and the file names will be different for each row. So not necessarily multiple test files but more like:

etc. So essentially I just need to pick up any file that contains SRTG_Note*.txt and move it to the destination column.

@Dustin - I got it. Since your initial screenshot was different I have provided a solution based on that.

So, in that case read the csv file to datatable and read each row. within that, check if that row contains SRTG_Note…if yes, then use that row in the copy file activity.

you can use CONTAINS(SRTG_Note).