Move File - Wild Cards


Hi All,

First time poster, I’ve tried reading some of the training documents and searched the forums for something similar but I couldn’t really find anything so hoping someone can help please.

I’m grabbing an excel file off an application which extracts the file to my downloads folder titled “report”+lots of random numbers. Therefore I want to move this file to another folder and rename it with today’s date.

Is there a way to use wildcard on the move file activity to look for the file that starts with “report”?

I’m sure that it’s just late and my mind isn’t working but any help would be appreciated.



Hi there,
Check out the below. Directory.EnumerateFiles() can get you a list of files that meet your needs.



Thank you very much Clayton - did exactly what I wanted!

One question which probably has a really simple answer…when we’re converting to date format why do we have to capitalise the months? E.g. DateTime.Now.Date.ToString(“yyyyMMdd”)

Is it something to do with UK/US Format?


No Problem.
I could be wrong but I think it’s MM instead of mm because mm is for minutes. You can also take a look at Excel Formats and see how it’s used there because it’s similar.


Ah makes sense! Thanks very much.