Read data from word to excel


I’m trying to extract data from resumes and copying it to excel sheet. But I can’t do it using scrapping. Because after scrapping I’m getting the output in the text format. I can do the filtering only if I get the data in a datatable format. Can you please help me in this??

You can only get the text when you scrap the word document.

You have to use Build Data Table and Add Data Row activities to construct the data table from the scrapped text.

You have to write your own logic for constructing the data table.

Karthik Byggari


Can you please explain this in detail. I tried but I’m getting lots of errors.

Can you tell me how the sample text and how the data table looks like in the data table?
So can help you.

Hello, require your help for multiple resumes in word format and pdf format. Need to search for Name, Location, Designation, Employers, Education, Mobile Number, Nationality, Languages from the word/pdf format and transfer them to an excel sheet. Can you please help clarify how to do this? Thanks in advance.