Read data from excel and put into webtable


I have a excel sheet which contains 1000 data, I need to read the data from excel and put that data to web table.
In that web page single page contains 50 rows.

so, for 1st page all 50 data are successfully working , but it doesn’t work for next page. (like when it goes to next page excel sheet should read from 51th row and so on and selector values needs to start from beginning as well).

can anyone suggest?

Hi @chiranjit.saha1

Try this logic

What u can try is
Split the excel files into multiple files of 50 rows each and store in a folder and iterate through each file and enter the data to the webtable, after iterating through one excel file is over , you can move to next page by clicking and do the same

Hi , I tried this logic to split file into 50 rows each and it’s not working for me.

have a look here on slicing the datatable / processing in segments:

hi, I’ve split excel files into multiples of 50 and stored in a folder.

When one iteration of excel file is over and it goes to 2nd excel selector value doesn’t change.

( e.g : after 50 rows suppose selector value is ct50 , when it goes to 2nd excel selector value is ct51 but I need selector value should be ct01)…