Read current selected cell - Excel

Hi Experts,

May I know how can I read the cell that I currently selected?
For example, if cell C5 is selected, it should read that cell. Hence, the cell to read should not be predefined.

Thank you.


  1. Use get selected range activity. it will give the cell which is selected.
  2. them use read cell activity and provide above out as reference(cell)
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hi @Steven_Kho,

What is the Logic here to Highlight the Cells ?

If we have a logic we can use the same to get the Cell Number.

Othewise ,

If we do not have a fix logic - Alternative can be -

  1. Once the cell is Highlighted .
  2. we can send hotkey (Ctrl + C) - That will get the value in the Clipboard.
  3. we can then use the Value - by Pressing Ctrl + V


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