Read current and next row and if it has same id write both row information

MyFile.xlsx (9.8 KB)
My excel have 2 same ID but description is different and sallery is based on description.

How can i read next row and if it has same ID then write both the first ID and same ID data together into field.
So that I can create one case on user and add both row information into one case.
help please.
@ppr @supermanPunch

@Latif Can you show us the Output for that Input file? How do you want the data to appear in a Single row ?

output will be like… I will add both current and next row data together.

and then it should go further with next ID. means it will come to skip one row as It has already read that.

@Latif If you can provide a Output Excel file for the Sample Input file that you have given, it would be better :sweat_smile: Otherwise I would have to ask you questions in a repetitive manner.

MyFile.xlsx (11.8 KB)
hope you got it…
But I have to put this data not into Excel but into ServiceNow…

@Latif Check this Workflow : (9.0 KB)

This will work only if the Header formats are the same.

thanks but i need to do this in uipath way as if else statements :frowning:

kindly help @supermanPunch

@Latif May I ask why do you need this approach :sweat_smile:

because i have to use the data into ServiceNow and close ticket if the next row is not same… and if next row is same as current row then I need to append the current row data into same ServiceNow ticket.
So that I do not create a double ticket on person name…

Hi @supermanPunch
kindly help me on that post too…
I created this if statement to solv this problem…


2nd IF is this:
DataTableExcelSheet.Rows(RowCounter)(“MA-nummer”).Tostring = (DataTableExcelSheet.Rows(RowCounter+1)(“MA-nummer”).Tostring)

But i’m stuck in how can i collect both 1st row and 2nd row colums data at the same time. means rest of the columns data…

so that i prosed with data in Then and add to the case one time…

superman kindly help…
@Palaniyappan can you help on that please…