Matching an ID. Based on that ID Get a row in Excel

I am having two excel. In one Excel, I am having some ID’s(A). In another excel, I am having some data(B).
I need to match the A’s ID in B’s Excel. If it is matched, then the data row is write in separate table.

A Table


B Table


Result Table:


Hi @UmaMaheshwari

Well you well need to read both DataTables from excel sheets, and then use Join Data Tables with the inner option, and then inside the join wizard you choose the two columns from each dataTable on which you are going to make this join.

Anyway here is a small zip that contains a project with the steps described above : (22.9 KB)

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Your’s idea is good. But ID column comes two times. I have more than one similar columns after applying your idea. I need a table with unique column.

Oh sorry I didn’t pay attention to the duplicate, well to solve this you need to place a Filter dataTable activity to remove the extra column created after the join activity (23.2 KB)

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Thanks for your reply… It’s working :grinning:

Glad it does :smiley:
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