Read CSV Activity

Hi Everyone,

While I’m performing on Read CSV Activity with a google form getting error as

“For Each Row in Data Table: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”,
if I mention Default value VB Expression as “new DataTable” it’s debugging without errror but no output, So this is a kind request from my end. Can anyone solve the issue!..

Hi @KuruvaJayaPrakash

If the datatable have no values in it, it will throw this error. Before for each check the datatable contains any data by using a message box and give the expression
Datatable.Rows.count which gives the rows count in the datatable.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @KuruvaJayaPrakash

Your DataTable is null please check it once


It looks like READ CSV File activity is not giving any output
Pls check whether right data is passed so that u get the datatable from csv activity

Cheers @KuruvaJayaPrakash

I tried as you said @mkankatala, but getting same issue…

Change the scope of the variable data table to flowchart
and then do step into and check data is there in that variable or not

I did same thing @Usha_Jyothi, after step into getting error as like “Use Browser Edge: Application form: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

in such case we do debug and using techniques like step into / out, brekapoints
(there are good courses at the UiPath Academy offered)

Along with this we can use also the debugging panels

Now we are prepared with tools and techniques, can trace and identify the location where it is breaking and will fix it with the needful.

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