Read column in excel

Hi, I need your help again.

I have an Excel file. All the information is in one column (reference and barcode).

I need the correct barcode for a reference. The reference is different and comes in as input.


Input = HB0038670 (reference)
Output should be = 12154159 (barcode)

Can you help me with this?

Many thanks in advance.


HI @nina.wenner

Can you share your desired output

Hello @nina.wenner,

You can use Read CSV activity, and then write range activity. After that, you should have two columns.

Is that what you need? :slight_smile:

Read Range into datatable. Add column to datatable. For Each Row in datatable, use split on “,” to get the two values and assign them to the columns (use replace to get rid of the double quotes). Write Range back to the Excel file.

Hi, I have tried to implement it this way but unfortunately it does not work yet. Here is my test workflow.
Test_1.xaml (13.8 KB)

Hi @nina.wenner

As per your requirement i have created a xaml file!

Please refer to the xaml below.

Main.xaml (11.0 KB)


Hi @pravin_calvin,

perfect it works, thank you.

Best regards

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