Read Cell > STUCK put the variables into a datatable > Append Range in other Excel

Hi there,

I am stuck with a basic task (at least I guess). I extracted information in cells from an excel file using “read cells” (because they are dispersed in the spreadsheet). I want to arrange them into a row/datatable and then upload them in an other excel file using “append range”.

Could one of you help me out ?

Thanks in advance for you help.




I think this should work:

  1. Read the target excel file into a DataTable with Read Range;
  2. Use the Add Data Row activity to add the new row(s) to this table with the ArrayRow argument, e.g. {valueA, valueB, valueC};
  3. Write the table back with Write Range.

Alternatively you can do it using Append Range, but then at step 1 you should instead use Build Data Table to create a new table with the right columns for your extracted cells. The reason is that a DataTable must know ahead of time the types of data in its columns, either by inferring this from a read range or by explicitly receiving this information from you.