Read cell by cell in row data

1.I have a datatable
2.I want to read one cell by cell in rowdata
becuase i have to click button according to one cell by cell
how should i do it

@Seonyong Use your datatable in For Each Row and use Get Row Item it gives whole column and use if condition

Hi Seonyong,

Please refer this link to find the sample xaml for reading value cell by cell.


i already read this but the difference is i have to stop after reading one row and then start again

but this solution let me read everything at once

You can also use ‘Get Row Item activity’ instead of assign activity to get column data.

thank you so much buy im quite new to uipath could u show me what u wrote in assign after "1-Colum

or could u show me ur whole xaml file if its possible?
thank you

where 1-Column is your column name. You can also specify column index instread of column name as,


You can include a click activity or some other process after write line. Once that process is completed for particular cell, it moves to next cell.

Hope it helps!