Read an array value from excel

Hello all,

I wanted help in reading an array value from an excel and print it in a message box.


In the image above I need to read the column ‘value’ as an array of integers. This is for data driven testing, am able to read every other value just need help with the array part.

Whatever value am reading from excel, it is being read as string, so when am trying to read the array there is an error, as it is taking the array as just one string.

Hi @arun_menon

Did u trued

row(“Value”).ToArray() ?

What should be the data type of the argument when I import the excel values?

It should be datarow when u are iterating through each row

Hey am not iterating through the excel, I have made a test case and importing data to the test case via excel. So the variables gets stored as argument, I want to store it as an array.

with a minimal adoption we can use JSON deserializing methods:

or doing it classical with a split

Hey @ppr Thanks that workaround worked.

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