Read all columns from Excel as string


I need the column types of the data table to be string for all the columns present in an excel file.

Can we do this using read range activity?

@HiteshJeswani101 Not sure what you want but you can convert the data.row to string by using .toString method or this post might help you

@Akshay07 I want the column type to be string by default. Right now read range is picking up column type according to the excel file which can be anything.

@HiteshJeswani101 Thanks for your quick response. you can use output data table activity which is datatable activity of uipath. This activity outputs the datatable to string. Hopefully it solves your problem. :grinning:

Hi hitesh

You can actually try this component .

@vishnuvarthanp Thanks for the answer. It works!

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Thanks :slight_smile: