Read a string from a data table and process it according to that string

I want to read a string from a data table and process it according to that string.

As an example, consider the following table.

ProductName ProductCode Old or New Date
Apple M1 Old Oug.4
Banana M3 New Oug.6
Banana M2 Old Oug.7

Read this table and read in order from the first row excluding the item name.

The output destination has its own application frame,
Enter the product name, date, and product code in that frame.

As an example, I’ve given a table with only three rows, but in reality there are quite a few rows.

I want to process all the number of lines in the same way, but I feel that it is inefficient to store one cell in a string in a variable.

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HI @Keymu

You can use for each row in datatable activity

It will loop through the lines and process all the lines one by one as you designed

Hope this helps


By this you can use

CurrentRow(“ProductName”), CurrentRow(“ProductCode”),CurrentRow(“Old or New”),CurrentRow(“Date”)

to enter the string value in the particular frame



Have a view on this doc for a quick guide on how to solve this scenario

Cheers @Keymu

here is example how to use ‘for each’ activity and how to extract values form every column. (56.0 KB)

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