RE: HTTP Request: Method not found: 'System.String RestSharp.Extensions.MiscExtensions.AsString(Byte[])'

Above this information which dependencies i have to add. Could you please help me…

Hi @keerthi_arumugam

I made your topic public in case @Des_X would like to give more context how they managed to solve it.

In the meantime, I’d suggest making sure that the Web activity package is properly installed in your project.

I have uninstalled again install the Web Activity package image
but now also throwing same error…

I am having the same exact problem.

Specifically: I’ve added a HTTP Request activity. Just a simple GET. I am certain that the URI is correct, since I’m logging it in the step immediately before the HTTP Request.

I am running Studio Pro 2021.4.1-beta.131. I have installed (and repeatedly re-installed) UIPath.WebAPI.Activities 1.7.0, which appears to contain RestSharp 106.3.1, exactly as depicted above.

And I am still getting the HTTP Request: Method not found: ‘System.String RestSharp.Extensions.MiscExtensions.AsString(Byte)’ error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the properties of the HTTP Request that I’m trying to make. In summary, the only non-default values are the EndPoint (a variable that I’m certain points to a valid page), and the two variables in the output.

Hi @Hawkins_Dale

Any chance you could zip a sample project that causes this issue and attach it here?

Same issue after having upgraded the WebAPI package version…

Any chance you are able to reproduce with a publicly available URL and you could share a zip of a sample, newly created project with us? :slight_smile:
It would help a lot.