Re framework interview qution

Today I face one question for re framework for 4 stages is there in 4 stages I am not using get transaction stages how to run the re framework in the remaining stages.How it will pausepul.

Hi @subbareddy!

Maybe I didn’t understand question right but you can see in picture basic stages of re framework. Please keep in mind that this template is from UiPath and it’s covering usage of Orchestrator, but you can make template or structure of stages by your needs. For example you can try this if you want to add some architecture to your processes: if you don’t use Orchestrator you can delete get transaction data and set transaction status and make your own logic like add new stage let’s say “logic controler” and in there you can hanlde retry attempts and add all workflows (with invoke Workflow files) that you need.

More details how re framework works you can find on Advanced Training on Academy.

hope this hepls!! :smiley:

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