RE frame work interview question

In an interview I was asked what is the biggest disadvantage of RE framework.
I didn’t answer it. But I need to knowing it for the future interview. Can anyone help me on this…?

Hey @Syyed_Runanaz

RE framework is one of the most useful feature in UiPath,

There are no dis-advantages as such for my knowledge, but I can point out one drawback with the framwork.

RE-framework may not be suitable for the smaller workflows, developer needs to modify many things and remove/comment out un-necessary modules before starting the development.
So for overcoming the same, UiPath can come up with some sort of technique which can control the modules easily without entering the Main.xaml file

Note: Everybody has their own views with their experience.



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I don’t think so we have many disadvantages with REframework.

In REframework, TransactionItem is declared as QueueItem. If you are not using Orchestrator Queue’s then we need to change the TransactionItem type as per our input data into whole Framework. And also need to delete some activities in SetTransactionStatus workflow

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It’s overkill for most automations. It’s disorganized and difficult to follow. It uses so many different xaml files that passing values in and out of them is a tedious nightmare and leaves open so many points of failure.

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RE Framework is just a template for the project, we can’t generalize and say anything as advantage or disadvantage. Because some features might be helpful to some and useless to others and vice a versa.

it’s just a template to have a quick start, if that doesn’t meet your requirements don’t go for it, there are other templates.

You should have asked the interviewer to enlighten you with the answer. May be next time you get you can kindly ask that.

That’s okay to ask Interviewer to let you know the correct answer. Interview is a conversation between two not a monologue or quiz contest. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the reply

if it’s a smaller process, then don’t use RE Framework :slight_smile: :innocent:

if it takes a lot of time to suit your requirements, don’t use RE Framework

It’s a starting template, we can’t say it has any disadvantage.

Actually, Question is quite illogical itself.

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